Congratulations! You’ve found an entertainment expert who works for YOU.

So you’ve got an event, a business, or just a wild idea, and you need live entertainment.

I don’t have a fancy office and a big staff. Been there, done that. When you call Riggs Entertainment, you’ll get, well, Riggs. (My friends call me Rollin.)

With over two decades in the entertainment business, I’ve developed a wide network of trusted, talented pros who can make any event shine. I’ll help you avoid common mistakes, and I can save you money and relieve a lot of stress.

I manage a few acts, but I’ll always focus on finding the best solution for you. If it’s one of my acts, great! If I think another band or producer or agency is a better fit, I’ll refer you.

My fees aren’t hidden. In general, you pay the entertainers, so you know what they’re earning, and you pay me, so I can buy groceries for two teenage boys.

I don’t have contracts with buy-back clauses and dense legal jargon. My paperwork is simple and direct. A lot of clients just get an invoice — no contract necessary.

Open. Honest. Transparent.

Portrait of Rollin of Riggs Entertainment