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About Cowboy Mouth

For Cowboy Mouth, the road goes on forever.

Now in their fourth decade together, the New Orleans-based rockers continue to cement their reputation as celebratory, electrifying road warriors. They’ve played more than 3,000 shows to over 10 million fans, mixing the party-friendly punch of their hometown — a city known for good times and great music — with a raw, rock 'n roll foundation. From the opening guitar riff of the band’s signature hit "Jenny Says," to the furious percussion supplied by the group’s drummer and larger-than-life frontman, Fred LeBlanc, Cowboy Mouth's shows truly are legendary.

"A Cowboy Mouth concert is like a Southern gospel revival without the religion," says LeBlanc, who helped form the band in 1990. Nearly 30 years later, Cowboy Mouth continues to do its best work on stage, supplying their nightly congregation of rock 'n roll sinners and holy rollers with a reminder that Rock 'N Roll Saves.

Back in the '90s, Cowboy Mouth released hit songs for MCA and Atlantic. MTV loved them. Even so, it was the band’s live show that truly set them apart. When the recording industry took a nosedive, Cowboy Mouth continued flying high, creating an even tighter bond with its audience by releasing music on their own. After all, it was the band’s fan base that had always supported Cowboy Mouth, and it’s the joyous live show that keeps the crowds coming back.

"What we provide isn’t just musical entertainment," LeBlanc explains. "It’s an experience. We’re constantly looking to top ourselves, because that’s just who we are. We’re galvanizers. We’re a bit hyperbolic. We’re Cowboy Mouth."

Cowboy Mouth fans range from 9 to 90, but they have one thing in common. According to Fred: "Cowboy Mouth is about pretending that you're five years old, naked as a jaybird and about to turn the garden hose on your parents — and there's not a damn thing they can do about it!"

The name of the band is ..... COWBOY MOUTH! Once you've seen them, you'll never forget it.

"On a bad night, Cowboy Mouth will tear the roof off the joint, and on a good night, they'll save your soul."

Cake Magazine

"A Cowboy Mouth show isn't just a concert, but rather a massive party with the off-the-hook feel of a Mardi Gras celebration."

Phoenix New Times

"If Animal from The Muppet Show and an evangelist preacher had a baby, it would be Fred LeBlanc — a drum playing madman, a maniac who can command a room while providing all in attendance with a religious transformation."

Cryptic Rock

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